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Hey guys,

We are running this promo again! If you order an Accessport today, it will ship via Next Day Air at no additional cost! All you have to do is mention this advertisement in the comments box when checking out. Click through to goto our website:

February 10th update: NOW WORKS WITH 2008 MODELS! Model # is AP-SUB-003. We have PLENTY in stock of every model. Buy with confidence.

Cobb Accessport V2.0 for 02-05 WRX 2.0L, 06-07 WRX, 04-06+ STi, and new 2008 WRX and 2008 STI
Now updated with 1/4-mile and 0-60 support!

Price: $695.00 shipped via Fedex Next Day Air Shipping. Mention this Ad when ordering.

The AccessPORT by Cobb Tuning, Inc. is a handheld programmer that allows you to unlock your
vehicle's hidden potential by reprogramming the stock Engine Control Unit (ECU). Performance
tuning data is uploaded to the ECU via the OBD-2 diagnostic port in a matter of minutes, and
requires no cutting, wiring, or other such modifications. Unique to the AccessPORT is the ability
to change tuning data on-the-fly without having to completely reprogram the ECU. This
technology allows the AccessPORT to get the most performance out of your vehicle in the least
amount of time.

Using off-the-shelf staged tuning maps along with the appropriate vehicle modifications, the
AccessPORT users can see power gains in excess of 50HP. Better yet, the AccessPORT truly
unlocks the ability to extract a vehicle's peak potential through custom tuning for any level of

The AccessPORT's features include:
• On-the-fly map switching
• Monitor vehicle sensor data and display in analog or digital format
• Vibrant color graphic display with First-Ever full 260,000 color OLED, high-resolution
• Read/Clear engine trouble codes
• Preloaded with performance, economy and convenience maps
• Update via the Internet
• Measure 0-60 and ¼ mile times
• Adjustable on-screen Shift Light functionality
• Estimates horsepower and torque
• Displays current and averaged fuel economy
• Drag race simulation with reaction time and “time slip” data
• Built in on-screen help mode function
• Multi-Language support
• RoHS compliant (Lead Free design)
• Custom performance tuning for your specific vehicle and modifications as provided by an authorized AccessPORT ProTUNER™ center, or upgrade to the StreetTUNER™ software package for do-it-yourself tuning

Let me know if there are any questions.

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cool cool cool!
do you guys have a used accessport program?
Like if I wanted a used one, do you guys have some?
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