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Hi all,

I recently installed a mishimoto cold air intake and am running the OTS mishimoto stage 1+ tune on my accessport. After installation my DAM of 1 dropped to 0.875 and has stabilised at 0.938. I receive constant fine knock values of -1.41 and feedback knock values of -1.41 and sometimes -2.81.

Prior to the CAI I was running a Cobb OTS stage 1 map with my catback exhaust and didn't see similar values. The DAM was stable at 1 and sometimes I experienced a feedback knock value of -1.41.

Are these current values ok or should I look at getting a professional dyno tune to make sure my engine stays healthy.

Thanks in advance ?

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Could be. Could be a leak anywhere along the intake, or if it’s an oiled cotton filter it has fouled the maf. It’s cheaper to check clamps so I would start there.
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