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Cobb Accessport Error code 1014

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Hi guys, so earlier this week I picked up an 07 wrx silver sedan, 1 owner completely stock. It's gonna need some TLC (minor oil leak, torn CV boot on the rear right axle, couple scratches & dings etc etc) but shes a mint car. Anyways on to the point. I've recently uninstalled a Cobb Accessport off of an 02 wrx wagon to put on my new 07. However, when I went to install it today, it gave me an error code 1014. Upon further research I found that the accessport is currently incompatible with my later model wrx. So my question to you guys is: Can I install newer firmware onto the accessport that allows it to be compatible with an 07 wrx vs an 02? Or do I need to buy another accessport to get it to work? Thanks guys.
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Cobb APs are model-specific. You can probably sell the one you have for about what you'd pick up a proper model for.
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