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Clutch Thrust bearing

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Hey guys, My car makes a whining noise most noticable in 5th or when downshifting into second but you can also hear it in 3rd and very faintly in 4th. I had some one tell me that it might be the control bearing (that's what he said but after some research I think the technical name is a thrust bearing?) So I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue to this and if it is actually the thrust bearing that is worn out. Anyone have an idea how much it would cost to buy the bearing and how much work it is to do on my own? I had someone tell me you have to pull the motor to get at it? Also if I do end up replacing this myself should I replace the clutch while I'm at it and the head gasket while the engine is out?

Let me know what you think, Thanks

The car is a 2007 wrx with 186000km on it
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I can't really diagnose your problem but at the km level if none of those items you mentioned have been replaced and you do have to pull the motor then you for sure should do all of that stuff as well as a new timing belt and water pump if you had to pull the motor.
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