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I just installed a stage 3 performance clutch in my 02 wrx. now when i put it in 1st gear and slowly let off the clutch, the whole car starts to shack (almost as if it is going to die) once the trans is fully engaged 1st gear is fine. the same thing happens in reverse. when shifting through the rest of the gears everything is good.

however to test if it was only 1st and reverse, i tried slowly taking off in second gear and the same thing happened. showing me that it has something to do with fully engaging the trans form a complete stop.

I think it is the slave cylinder, the car now has 145000 and it has never been changed. it's not leaking it just seems like it doesnt hold pressure some how, not really sure.

when installing the new clutch i did not open any lines or push the clutch so i dont think there is any air in the lines.

if anyone has had anything similar please let me know. thanks
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