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Clutch Noises after Replacement

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I recently replaced the whole clutch in my 05 WRX and I started getting this scraping type noise from it. I bought a competition clutch kit and turns out the FW is a LWFW. Apparently it’s very common for that noise to go on but it still bothers me.***g57j0Y
(This accurately describes the sound)

So usually the noise comes in at 1st and 2nd gear. 3rd it starts to go away. 4th and 5th nothing. I noticed tho if I let off really slow it’s a smoother transition into first gear. Also, going up on hills the noise is there. Oddly in reverse nothing really happens when I’m backing out. Miraculously tho I drove it 5 hours and managed to get home safe but it was a very noisy ride hitting every stop light. Can I get some inputs about how common this noise really is? Is it basically having to re learn your car now having to rev higher than normal?
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how heavy is the flywheel?

i read anything under 12lbs will cause flywheel chatter
Comp clutch said it’s 13.9lbs. It’s lightweight tho. Like I said ppl with lightweight flywheels been saying it’s normal for that chatter in low RPMs and idk it just sounds so sketchy
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