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Clunk noise on a 2006 WRX (brake rotor?)

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Hi guys,

I'm a happy a new owner of a 2006 WRX since about a month now. The car I purchased had been slightly modified by the previous owner (KW coils, K&N air filter and an Innoxcar exhaust). The car has a 156'000Km on the clock but is really clean for an 11 year old car, except 2 tiny rust spots on the front and rear left wheel arches, but nothing serious.

Anyway, before I purchased the car, a big service was done to it and almost all the fluids were changed (I'll do an oil change myself soon).

I know it's pretty common on Subarus to have a clunking sounds. I had a 135i before that was, well, very german and the cars are 2 worlds appart, but I knew what I was getting into with a Subaru. I've done my research and most of the time, it ends up being the endlinks. My clunking comes from the driver's side. It doesn't happen when I go over bumps (which tells me it's not the KWs) neither does it happen on bumpy roads (as far as I can recall). I can hear it when I drive away, usually at low speeds and then it's kind of random, doesn't happen at fast speeds.

I've just jacked up the car. The endlinks are really sturdy, no play. Everything else looks like it's bolted on fine. I tried to wiggle the exhaust as well, thinking it might be badly bolted somewhere, but it looks alright. the only thing I noticed when the car was in the air with the wheel off, is that the brake rotor slightly wiggles on the bottom making a sound that sounds a lot like the clunk I hear.

So my question is, as I'm not a mechanic but I like to diy, is it normal that the rotor wiggles a bit when the wheel is off? I mean, when the wheel is back on, there's no wiggle anymore, obviously. But I'm a bit puzzled as to what else could cause the clunk...

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Yes the rotor should wiggle with the wheel off. The rotor is held captive by the wheel being tightened to the hub.

Check all suspension bushings, top hats to the suspension, as well as the coilovers. KW makes a good product but they still need rebuilt more often than your factory suspension.

I would also check engine and transmission mounts, battery, and anything over there that could move.

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