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There have been ongoing issues with enrollment on this forum. If anyone needs a deal on a Subaru reach out to me on Facebook in the "Northeast Subaru Squad" group, or call me at work, 201-327-0070 x 5211

Great news guys, I am lowering prices again! From here forward I will be doing 1000 under invoice until further notice!! If you already ordered a car and didnt take delivery, I will be lowering your price as well.:cool:

Update 1/6/15 I AM LOWERING PRICES BACK TO $500 UNDER INVOICE! I Can no longer do Saturday pickups though due to such high volume these days


UPDATE 1/14/13:
Due to the success of this program I have to set a few new ground rules to make sure I can keep doing this without raising the prices for you guys and/or losing my mind. (If you already made your purchase these do not apply to you so don't worry)

From now on:
-500 under invoice is for ordered cars only. This is almost a non-issue as I have so many orders through the club I seldom have any in stock anyway.

-I cannot keep up with all the "where is my car" calls, and my manager is ready to kill this program due to him getting 10 calls a day from SOA trying to track cars that are not even late or are already delivered... If you look at my threads it is plain to see that everyone is getting their cars and is happy in the end. I do not have the resources or time to track cars that are not late, and the alternative is to hire someone to track cars and raise everyone's price which I'll bet nobody wants. So please be patient and let me do my thing, do not attempt to track your vehicle before 10 weeks from the day you order, and call me, not SOA. Trust me it is a waste of time anyway, and I am doing everything in my power to get the cars here as soon as humanly possible as I want to get paid too!

-You can order accessories for your car and I am happy to get you a discount on them, but the cost of the accessories is the amount of deposit you must leave on the car. For instance if you order with the SPT exhaust and short throw shifter, you will have to leave a non refundable deposit for the amount those parts cost. I'm sure you guys can understand, I can't afford to get stuck with a $30k base wrx because you changed your mind about the deal and then turn around and sell the cars for 500 under invoice for everyone.

-No more outside financing, you can use the Subaru low rate financing, pay cash, or use one of our other 17 banks but I just do not have the resources in place to file all these liens with all these different banks and meet all their unique requirements. As it stands, we have rates starting at 1.9%, you're really not going to save much if anything by doing this anyway, and half the time we are doing everything over again from scratch because we beat your credit union's rate in the end anyway. If you have some super duper promo from your bank, I will let you do outside financing if you pay invoice for the car, I think that is fair.

I sincerely thank you guys for working with me on this, I just want to keep this program going and do not want to raise prices for you guys so this is what it takes. Your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated!!!

Hi ClubWRX members,
My name is Clayton Mantell and I am a car enthusiast/salesman here at Ramsey Subaru in Ramsey NJ. As your official dealer I am committed to making sure that every member of this community has a dealer that is on your side, that has great haggle free hassle free pricing with no catches and no BS, and has the best service you will ever get at any car dealership bar none. Any WRX/STi are 500 under invoice through this program. That is the lowest I can sell them to everyone for and keep it fair and even. Other new Subarus will be sold at least 500 below invoice, lower when possible... (excludes BRZ) Here is how the program works:

-Message me through this forum so I can confirm you are a member and include a phone number where I should call you, or just post below to let me know I should message you. If you're not a member and want this deal you will have to register an account, it only takes 5 minutes and you will be glad you did. The folks on this forum are extremely knowledgeable and friendly!
-I will get back to you within 48 hrs tops with all the info you need.
-Please please DON'T circumvent the program by just calling my store and making a deal with another salesman here (I don't know why you would anyway but it has happened, one guy could not wait 12 hours till I got back in to order his car) If you do, I won't get paid a dime and I can't guarantee you anything. Plus you are jeopardizing this program for everyone else.
-Trade in's are tough if you are not local but I'll do my best. I'd prefer to see your trade before giving you a value on it if possible. We use to figure trade values. Modded cars are especially tough, minor bolt ons are ok but we cant take anything that would not pass inspection. If your car looks like it came off the set of Fast and Furious, maybe look into a private sale.
-We do financing at the Subaru low rates as long as you qualify. We also have 16 other banks we can use.

This program should hopefully benefit both of us. It gives you guys a great deal without all the usual BS and it gets me a bunch of referrals from car guys who I would rather deal with anyway! I also have an "ask a dealer" thread on here, and we offer SPT parts at a discount on my dealers website

We also do free private party sale vehicle inspections, so if you are local take advantage! If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate, I am a very easy person to deal with and I am one of the rare ones who is in this for the long term. So here's to our new partnership! Thanks for looking guys, please bump this thread if you would be so kind.
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joined this forum a while ago because i always wanted a Subaru and now I can finally get one and am seriously looking into it. I live in Fishkill, NY, not too far from your dealership. I am looking for a 2001 or 2012 wrx sedan. I also have a 2010 jeep grand cherokee as a trade in. I hope to hear from you because I have been pushing off going to any dealerships because i hate the process! thanks!
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