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Chri5' Long Overdue Build Thread

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I wanted to do a build thread, but I'm really not sure as to why I never got around to doing it. Thanks to Lynnpie and JaySin, I was inspired to share some experiences of my ownership and encouraged to make this "journal" to see how far this car will go.

Back up to March 2016, I was shopping around for an STi. It was my dream car since high school. Finally the time came, and I came across this preowned 2015 STi Limited in Lightning Red with 1800 miles over at Bill Kolb Subaru. Ended up taking the car home a month later and that's when it all started.

I didn't know what I really wanted to do with the car, but I decided to drive it for about a year to get a decent feel for the car then decide what I wanted to improve. It was my first turbocharged vehicle and it was as fun as I expected it to be. Before the STi, I had a 2003 Mitsu Montero... Followed by a 2006 Mitsu Galant. I was fortunate to get these hand-me-downs. I was so close to purchasing prior generation STi's over the last few years, but I wanted something a bit more modern and stylish compared to the vehicles I've previously owned.

...Fast forward to 04/2017

Decided to go with bolt ons, essentially a stage 3 setup minus flex fuel. I decided to go with Prime Motoring over Precision Tuning because after all the reading and whatnot, I wanted Junior to tune my car. Demetri from Prime was awesome. He's honest and makes his recommendations based on your expectations.

At this point I had about 12,000 miles and have gone through a couple of oil changes and added a few things...

OEM Subaru Rain Guards
Rally Armor Mud Flaps
OEM Black STi Fender Emblems
Subi Speed Front/Rear Badge Overlays (realized how tacky they were right after installing them, gonna change em soon)
Premium Auto Styling Amber Delete Tint Overlay
Premium Auto Styling Grille Pinstripe (realized it mighta been a little overkill with the red. Lol.)
Premium Auto Styling Smoked Tail Light Inset Overlay
Premium Styling Gloss Black Roof Wrap
SubiSpeed Black STi Emblem (Rear)
Deleted the rest of the rear letterings
Subaru Genuine Licence Plate Frame (Rear)
SubiSpeed Projector Foglight Housings
35% Front/Rear Passenger Window Tint
20% Rear Window Tint
50% Front Windshield Tint

Diode Dynamics Tail As Turn Harness
Fogs - 4300k Kensun HIDs
Diode Dynamics HP48 Reverse LED
Diode Dynamics XP80 Front Turn Signals LED
Some yellow halogen bulbs I got from Diode Dynamics for my high beams (deactivated DRLs)
Diode Dynamics HP5 Licence Plate LED
Cobb AP
Cobb SF Intake
Cobb FPR
Cobb Short Shifter w/ Shifter Bushings
ETS Quiet CBE (Non resonated)
Tomei Catless DP
IAG TGV Deletes
IAG AOS (Comp)
GS Uppipe w/ TiAL 38mm WG
Bosch 1000cc Injectors
AEM 320lph Fuel Pump
93 JRTuned

A few of the parts listed were purchased from another STi owner. For the most part, they were all functioning properly. ID 1000cc Injectors were one of those parts. I sent em to South Bay to get em flow tested and cleaned, and I noticed 1 of the injectors had very slightly decreased flow. Didn't make much of it. When I got the tune, the car wasn't making appropriate power for what was installed, turns out that 1 of the injectors metal contact, started to have signs of corrosion, which apparently decreased voltage to that specific injector. After some troubleshooting, my only option was to get some injectors that Prime had in stock, lucky me. Lesson learned, don't buy used injectors.

The car made 341whp & 360

Gotta have at least 1 photo like this right?


Knock started to show. Cylinder 4 wasn't happy.

Here's the friend no one likes.
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I just came to say, I like your mustache ride. :rotfl:

Officially...welcome to the addiction :thumbup:
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Haha finally. Subscribed for judgements.

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So, uhh... Any updates?

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