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Saturday, August 17th, 2002, one of Chicagoland's oldest and biggest car club brings you our second annual show, "BEYOND THE LIMIT 2", an outdoor venue for both import and domestic enthusiasts. This show is brought to you by TEAM CITY LIMIT and will be held at HARPER COLLEGE CAMPUS in PALATINE, ILLINOIS. MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR! Come to our show and stay afterwards for Chicago's night life. Remember, it's a Saturday, so cruise and club all night.

Pre-registration is now available!

The show will be FREE for all spectators.
Save $5 for show participation by registering now!
E-mail [email protected] for show questions and sponsorship inquiries.

Tentative Classes include:

• Civic/CRX Mild/Wild
• Honda Open Mild/Wild
• Acura Open Mild/Wild
• VW Mild/Wild
• Lux Open Mild/Wild
• Mitsubishi Open Mild/Wild
• Toyota Open Mild/Wild
• Domestic Open Mild/Wild
• Asian Import Open Mild/Wild
• Truck/SUV Open Mild/Wild
• Best of Show
• Best Female owned car
• Best Female owned car runner-up
• Best Crew (scores averaged)
• Best Crew participation
• Best Shop Car
• People's Choice Top Award
• People's Choice Runner-up Award

Anticipated additional categories depending on pre-registered vehicles:

• Nissan Open Mild/Wild
• Domestic Sport Compact Open Mild/Wild
• Mazda Open Mild/Wild
• Euro Open Mild/Wild
• Subaru Open Mild/Wild

The show will also have raffles, giveaways, and contests! Music, games, vendors...

Over $3000 worth of giveaways and raffle goodies.

Bring everyone! Sign UP NOW!

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Hey guys, we've added these items to our venue...
keep you guys busy and keep your kiddies busy...
these are in addition to all the giveaways and raffles we're having.

Make your party special with either of these obstacle courses. Kids and adults will have fun for hours going through, up and over. These one's are not cheap, but they are worth the extra money. An obstacle course is a great money maker for any fundraiser. Velcro Suits are available with the Velcro Obstacle course upon request with no additional charge (and they will slow down your throughput).

This "Twin Peaks" climbing wall stands 20 feet tall and has two separate thick ropes to assist the climbers for a race to the top. Falls are cushioned by a soft inflated bed. Very popular with teens but good for ages 5 and up. The Twin Peaks is a dual-use event as its floor can also be used as a moonwalk.

Time to play "King of the Hill" again on this inflatable jousting event where you attempt to knock your opponent off of their jousting platform. Padded jousting batons and headgear make this a fun and safe event for all.
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