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If you know about Hot Import Nights, you know the hottest show in the market...and just to let you know...we are coming to Chicago with our newest twist-Import Revolution!!! Can't wait to come out to the Windy City and see the best of Chicago and the midwest! Hope to see and meet ya'll at the show...and thanks for checking out the post...

Import Revolution
McCormick Place
2301 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL

Register now to be a part of the show! Log on at and register for only $40.00…
• All ages welcome
• $19 Express Tickets Available
• 4PM to 11PM
• Early arrival suggested

From the Creators of HOT IMPORT NIGHTS, HOT IMPORT DAZE, and the SEMA INTERNATONAL AUTO SALON, we are proud to bring to you "IMPORT REVOLUTION".

This event is 100% LIGHTS-ON show.

Import Revolution staff has been working into the night to produce a show that will be revolutionalize the import car scene.

The IRev Show Tour Continues on SATURDAY, October 26th, 2002 at the McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.

The show is one month away and the space is going fast!!! Don’t delay and be on the waiting list for this one…Register now…Register with your crew so you guarantee your space for IMPORT REVOLUTION!

This is the show you DO NOT want to miss!!!
Get in on the action, register your vehicle or car club at

***Best of Show $1000 + $500 from Valvoline = $1500

-"Synpower Performance Award" $1000
This category is geared to the performance aspect of the vehicle.
Attention all racers this category is for you!!!!

-"Valvoline Max Life Award" $500
This award is given to the most dedicated show competitor that will drive their car the furthest to compete at IRev. If you're going to drive the distance, Valvoline will make it worth your while to do so.

-"Best on BFGoodrich Tires" $500
This award is given to the driver with the BEST competing vehicle on any set of BFGoodrich Tires.

-"Best Import Car Club (Best overall show club)" $500
This award is given to the club with the highest average points of the top 5 cars in the club. There is a 5 car minimum to be considered for this category.

-"Best Import Club Participation" (Most Entered)" $250
The club or organization with the most cars entered will win this award.

-"Sound Presentation Category" 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
This category is devoted to what types of stereo components are displayed inside the competing vehicle. Judging will be based on what can be seen, not heard. Points are based upon head unit, speakers, subwoofers, wiring, amps and other.

Class Competition
Street Class: 1st-6th
Mild Class: 1st - 6th
Wild Class: 1st - 6th

W5 Class (wagon class): 1st - 3rd
- MP5, Matrix, WRX, Focus, Vibe, IS300, Accord, PT Cruiser etc.
JDM Aftermarket Class: 1st- 3rd
Ladies Class: 1st - 3rd
Super Car Class: 1st - 3rd
- Japanese Exotic and Euro Exotic

Open Competition
Best I.C.E. (In-Car-Entertainment) Prize
Eagle One "Shine and Show" Award Prize
Best Interior Prize
Best Vinyl Graphics Prize
Best Undercarriage Prize
Best Interior Prize
Best Custom Car Prize
Best Display 1st Place ($500), 2nd Place ($250), 3rd Place ($100)

Vehicle Make Competition
Best Honda
Best Acura
Best Mazda
Best Toyota
Best Nissan
Best Mitsubishi
Best VW
Best BMW
Best Subaru
Best Mercedes
Best Domestic
Best Vendor Car

Per your registration you will receive 2 free passes into the show (1 for the driver and 1 for a guest of choice), and lots and lots of giveaways…

Get in on all the action, register at

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i'm registered! yeeeeeehaaaaaw!!!

i will be showing, and HOPEFULLY will be representing RevolutionsMotorsports if they'd send me those stickers and cards. ;) :cool:

too bad i didn't have a few more mods to pull out of my sleeves by the 26th tho....

ah well.

see y'all there!!! be sure to stop by and say hi!
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