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The car is a 2018 stock WRX with 1100 km on it and is in it’s break in period, never touched boost until engine oil is at proper temp, car has barely been up to 40% throttle. Only time I hit boost is 3rd gear and 4th when the car is fully warmed up.

So today I was merging onto the highway and needed to get going so gave it 35/40% throttle in 3rd gear and then changed into 4th gear at around 3800 rpm and got to about 115km In 4th and the car jerked and stoped accelerating, and check engine light came on and cruise control was flashing. (Ive noticed the car seems jerky in 3rd gear when it hits boost and it always hits 22+ boost in 3rd) the light went off after a bit. I work at a dealership (not Subaru) but I scanned the car with a tech and code P0244 came up, it said “turbocharger wastegate solenoid “A” range/performance”. How major is this and could this be why it seems jerky in 3rd when it hits boost at like 30% throttle. Also shohld I tell the dealership I scanned before I bring it in or just give it to them and let them figure it out.
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