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Background: 2010 WRX, 130,000 miles, bone stock - I've literally never had any knock event or anything ever go bad at WOT

I recently went in and changed the o-ring in my oil pump due an oil leak, put new Fuji gasket on, changed the oil, flushed and changed the coolant, put the same timing belt back on and same pulley's since it was all done ~25k miles ago, and appears to be in fine shape. Car started right up, appeared to run great..

The next day on the way to work I ran it really easy ~45 min. On the way home I logged 3rd gear pull and saw knock at WOT of -1.41 which is weird, because as mentioned before, I never had knock at WOT before, occasionally it's common to see knock when cruising on the interstate, or whatever, but never under any load..

I took my heatshield off, hoping for the best since it was loose, I went out and logged some more, and same thing...

One thing I noticed was when the load was >2.5 and RPM ~4100 is where I'd see knock at WOT also is that abnormally high timing?


Logs have 3 tabs with different logs in each

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