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Central Texas (Waco Area) Install Fog Lights on Base Model - Where to take it

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I just got a Base Model WRX with no Fog Lights and want to get the install kit and Morimoto LED lights but I do not trust myself to install them. I have screwed up enough previous vehicles so I know my limits now. So I am looking to get them installed somewhere in Central Texas around the Waco area hopefully. My dealer said they dont install non-oem items since they cant really guarentee them which I understand plus they are expensive.
So does anyone have any suggestions about where to take them? I live about an hour west of Waco in the middle of nowhere and there is no where around here that has even seen a WRX before. If I had a white full size truck it would be another story but people that work on imports are few and far between so finding someone who I can trust moving forward would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance everyone.
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Know anyone that is 'mechanically' inclined or have any Subaru shops that install parts? Try posting in the regional sub forum for your area.

If you gain some confidence, search pulling the bumper off, after that its easy

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Jimmy at European auto service is great. He does my bimmers and I'm considering a wrx since he works on those as well.

He's just north of Houston in Willis, just off I45.
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