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The other day on the way home from providence, my car started idling like garbage. The CEL was already on but I figured I'd scan it with delta dash.

I had misfire's on all 4 cylinders and I cleared it and took the car for a drive to see what would happen, and I threw misfire's on all 4 again but also a front 02 sensor code.

This got me worried so I compression tested the motor and threw in a different set of spark plugs last night. The compression test was fine 160,157,155,153. Of course this didn't solve the problem.

After I started the car after replacing everything I threw a p0113 Air Intake Temp sensor High Input. And I've thrown this code before. I know its usually caused by intake's but I have a TXS short ram for the front mount, and cannot really put the stock airbox back on because of limited space. Im gonna clean my maf, but I've been forced to raise the idle of the car because its basically stalling at idle.

I may need to replace the MAF but does sound like it makes sense that because of this code the car will barely even idle. A/F's seem fine per my LM1, so Im not sure. also the car drives fine, its only idle that seems to be affected.
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