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Cat delete with stock everything else?

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I have a 2002 Impreza 2.5rs, before anyone asks I got a really good deal so I settled without the wrx. Anyway recently both of my cats went out, so time to make it loud and save some cash, right? Well I don't want the attention, having a 12' sub is more than enough attention for me. I don't want every cop in my town and surrounding towns on my ass waiting for a mistake. So, the real question is how much louder would just a cat delete make my car? Stock mufflers and everything? I've heard from bikes that it's slightly louder but bikes are loud in general. Has anyone tried this before? Let me know what you guys think. I'll do it anyway and report back but if it doesn't work out I'll just put a cat-back.
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Shouldn't be too much louder. The cat went out on my old 4cyl truck years ago and I just knocked all of the material out of it. Later the muffler rusted out, so I welded a cherry bomb in and it was still quieter at full throttle than my WRX is at 2k in 1st
It won't be much louder at all.. the sound will change slightly, but the volume won't increase much. You will get a CEL and it won't pass safety/emissions inspection.
Idle & general acceleration won't be much loud. You'll likely get this slightly coarse (some say raspy) noise is about it. It's not until you delete the muffler you'll likely hear the difference.
Alright, awesome. Thank guys!
Just an update, I got the cats deleted and am still using the stock muffler. Oh God do I need to get rid of that muffler though. The car sounds like a can is attached to the muffler. The cat delete improved my car so much more like how I wanted and it's not crazy loud, like I wanted. It is louder but not crazy and it can get really loud at high rpms but its not anything too bad. The noise is quite embarrassing though. Sounds like a dirt bike but worse. I can't tell if it's because the guy used aluminum, to be honest I don't know what he used. So first things first I'm getting a cat-back. Nothing crazy but something to hopefully make it sound, well, normal. If that doesn't work then I guess I'll cough up the money to get new cats. Thanks again for your replies!
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