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2002 Subaru WRX
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so for the past two days I’ve been having a few issue with my WRX.

2002 WRX with 87k miles
Invidia Catback
Invidia Down Pipe
Also should note temperatures have dropped to around 35-40 over this weekend.

First its struggling to start up, tested the battery and it tested good. Makes a grinding noise almost and is hard to turn over, thinking that it’s the starter then?
Second I’ve been getting CELs check the access port says misfire codes, they’ve mainly been Cylinders 1 and 3 I’ve seen 2 once as well as a code that says “misfire related). I replaced the spark plugs this previous summer so they should be good maybe coil packs.
Thirdly my PSI for boost ionly reaching 11.3 at the max.
Fourth my dam dropped from 16/16 to 12/12.

The car still is driving great like it did when I first bought it. If you need anymore info I’ll try to get it!
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