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CARFAX , anyone?

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Hi guys! First of all, long time no see, how's everyone? I need help! Can anyone run a carfax for me? I'm considering buying a car and the price seems a bit low for what it is so I just want to double check. Thanks guys.
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Have you had a third-party inspection done on the vehicle? I would trust that much more than a Carfax report.

If you've done the inspection, and still want the Carfax for peace of mind, negotiate that into the sale. Have the seller pay for the Carfax, and if everything they've disclosed to you checks out, you'll reimburse them on top of the sale price for what they're out. Otherwise, they'll have a sale tool for future buyers.
Hi guys. Sorry for the late response. The seller did have a carfax and is also free.
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