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Canadian WRX (2017), Eh?

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All stock when I first bought her in January of 2017.
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Wasn't long until we were mounting a nameless muffler delete axleback,

The cars, biggest con was the stock tune, so even before getting 2500km I had too get and accessport to get rid of the rev-hang. Another gripe I've had with car especially coming from my previous car a 2015 Mustang with brembos, I can only call these brake proper garbage. As a start I put some hawk hps pads front and rear, currently have a Radium Engineering brake master cylinder, which UPS has failed to deliver on two occasions, I hate ups.

I've been trying to induce more oversteer going with a 25mm rear Perrin swaybar on the stiffest setting. The shifter slop as been alleviated by all the soku bracing and parts.

The car has been e-tuned by Brentuning which is still an ongoing episode as I still have tgv and egr deletes to install when I get sometime, not having garage space and doing mod on the street, puts me at the mercy of the weather, which here in canada has gone from rain to 35C+ degree days.

I've had an 02 Impreza before but the paint on this 2017 is softer then any car I have ever worked on, really wanting to get it wrapped in miami blue after the winter here this year.

Wheelwell for all the exact mods so far.
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Welcome to the Club, eh!

Lots of good reading on what is best to do here - read the stickies!
Welcome to the Club, eh!

Lots of good reading on what is best to do here - read the stickies!
Thank you very much!
Enjoy what we have to offer. :)

Having some fun with this terribly soft subaru paint.
The master cylinder brace, makes a great difference, its hard to quatify, the extra brake feel that the pedal has now.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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