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Hi all, My 2015 Fiesta ST is going to the transmission shop today (to be diagnosed with hopefully just a minor issue) however this prompted me to begin searching for a back up plan.

I was forwarded an add about a local 2019 wrx for sale with 8500mi’s. It has a protune and the tuner (who has an excellent reputation) has said the car is in incredible shape and no corners were cut. That said I wanted to get some feedback (as spending 25k can be a bit nerve racking). The seller reports it’s 350awhp and 340awtq. I should also include the current owner is an enthusiast (has 1000hp mustang and GTR) Give me your best advice.

Mod list: Cobb accessport, Boomba bpv, Process west verticooler, MAPerformance intake Killer B header with dual 36mm external wastegates, Invidia jpipe, Nameless Catback exhaust, TGV deletes, DW400 fuel pump

Asking price is 25k firm
Reliability is one of my larger concerns.

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Well... this isn't Reddit... sooooo

Your money. There is always risk in purchasing a modded vehicle. Longevity will certainly be lower than stock. That vehicle is producing about 40% more output than the engine, driveline, and suspension were designed to handle.

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I know a lot of people who own stupid vehicles that have no business in them. That's not an indicator of good.

I'd avoid a modified vehicle all together personally. Most certainly one that new that would have otherwise been kosher with warranty claims on the most expensive components.

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Take your 25K and keep it. Don't spend it at all.

If you do spend it on a car, delay as much as possible so that, ideally, you don't buy any car with an internal combustion engine ever again.

If that's not possible, spend it on a new, stock car with factory warranty. Then, do not modify that car, ever.
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