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My name is Andrey and I would like to buy my first wrx if that's possbile, I have three options around me that seem the best as of right now my price range is 6k to 8k to being the most. Now a little history I'm turning 23 this year, I've owned four cars Mazda protoge 97, a BMW 528i, focus 06 z something as of right now I'm driving a Saturn vue 06 fully load manual with 102k on the odo now im planning to sell it soon and most likely get a personal loan to afford a used wrx. Now I have a stable job earning between 16k a year for the last six years, I've been to college and withdrew, I could go back and finish but that means paying for school when I have nothing to pay for anymore, I live with parents I don't have a garage at all which worries me because if I buy a wrx it's going to be out in all kinds of weather I live up in the mountains. Not a whole lot of drive way either, usually when it comes to car maintenence I take it up take my friends garage or my girls dad's shop so maintenence shouldn't be an issue. So what's a smart choice a low mileage wrx with little to no mods lets just just a full exhaust from headers it's a 2002 with less then 120k which is priced around 7.5k excellent condition. Another choice is a 2002 in good condition inside and outside custom tires and wheels worth $1600 and has spent 1800 resurfacing the whole car has no oil leaks whatever so ever but it's little more modified with around 168k but it's look's like the owner took more care of it except the trans and engine are stock, which is 7k plus in need of a tuned looking at 280hp Last choice is a 2004 wrx with 101k miles it's very heavily moded which is a hybrid with a new sti ej257 short block ej205 head both less then 3k miles, sti trans 6 speed, has vf34 turbo, with many sti parts included also it has a turbo oil inlet leak seal is busted and it needs a tune looks like 430 hp+
Priced at 8k
Just trying to get your opinions on the matter how do all of these cars compare just getting a idea. Maybe getting the first one, the second one is questionable kinda perfect fit already and the third one is just out there but it's still obtainable. Haven't checked them all out yet going with a buddy of em to check them out. Sorry for my English guys.

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None of them. From what I can decipher they are all likely more than you can afford to maintain. If you have to take a loan out to buy a 6k dollar vehicle buying one that has a tendency towards costly maintenance is a terrible idea.

Ride the Saturn into the dust. Put money away for a few years until the car dies. If you maintain that car by the time it's ready to be scrapped you can easily afford a newer or new car.

Modified performance cars are extremely hit or miss. Even a known reliable vehicle in the hands of an imbecile is unreliable. The older compact sports cars like evos, DSMs, and wrxs tend to have lead a hard life. Over the years they have been likely beat to death by one or more owner.

A modified vehicle, especially with engine modifications are far more likely to fail, and the bill to repair them isn't cheap. 4k+ isn't unheard of and even small things like timing belts, hoses, clutches, brakes, tires, accessories start to add up quickly.

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