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Good day to y'all, I am a complete newbie seeking advice on what upgraded WRX CVT to buy.

I want the manual but my circumstances are forcing me to opt for a CVT. We get 2-3 hours of traffic here on just a 20km stretch of road. On good days, just 2 hours at most. I have been browsing a lot of WRXs on Facebook Marketplace and majority of them are upgraded/modified already. I am not an expert but I am aware that the stock CVT of the WRX can't handle more power.

Thanks in advance!

Here are the cars and their corresponding upgrades/specs:

1.) 2014 WRX CVT:

Price: 22k usd converted
Mileage: 22t kms
Tuned 325 HP (from 268HP stock tune)

Top mount Mishimoto intercooler and air intake
Full exhaust Invidia
Blow off valve
STi Brake set
Mishimoto air filter

2.) 2.0FADIT 2014 WRX CVT:

Price: 24k usd converted
Mileage: 22t kms

Tomei expreme ti exhuast
Invidia jpipe
Grimspeed ebcs
Mishimoto tmic
Mishimoto cvt cooler
Ecutek tuned
Blitz air intake
"Newly engine,cvt and coolant changed"

3.) FA20DIT 2015 WRX CVT

Price: 26k usd converted
Mileage: 17t kms

Forged Internals
JE Foreged Piston drop-in only
Saenz Forged connecting rods
conservatively tuned at 250 whp
Crawford V3 AOS
Dspec CVT Cooler
Custom Stainless 3" J-Pipe w/ Heatwrap
Invidia Q300 catback exhaust
Stock suspension
** Eliminated the weakest link of FA20 engine by upgrading to Forged internals and installing CVT Cooler.


What would be the least-risky buy?
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