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Hello all and greetings!

I am a long time muscle car person mostly Mustangs (GT's and a Cobra 2004 heavily modified etc. well over the 500/500 club to the wheels).
I want to get into a real drivers car. I live in the NW and well the Cobra did not do so well so rather then buying a new Boss 302 I am
giving serious consideration to purchasing a new 2012 STI or STI Limited.

I really enjoy driving the curves roads blah blah...
I will then more then likely get the mod bug and do some basic stuff first...(Induction, Exhaust etc..).

Should I wait for the new STI's ? I mean it could be 2014 right? I think my wife will force me into a BMW if I wait that long.
Should I have one delivered as ordered from Japan with the options I want or...just wait again for the 2013's.

I am so frustrated with the Subaru dealers here...they never return my emails. BMW, Nissan, Ford and Audi all either call me or email a lot.
Subaru dealers are either high or really busy.

Thank you so much!

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It's hard to say due to the relatively little official info on what's going on not just next year, but the year after that. You're in a good position either way (there are worse car choices than BMW so even if your wife prevails you're OK).

What's most telling though is the dealers. Buy not just the car, but also the dealer. If you can't get responses, see how they are in person, and if you don't think they're the type of people you'd enjoy giving $35K, you might weight that into your decision too I suppose.
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