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Bugeye sti

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Don’t think I have posted or introduced myself yet but my name is Ian and I’m new to the Subaru world. Got my first wrx in 2016 and just got it running 2 months ago. Got everything I wanted out of the car so far.

UEL Headers, vf48 turbo, manzo turbo back exhaust, Godspeed coil overs mono ss( yea I know ppl will rag on me for these), Cobb AP, Cobb air box Cobb 1080x injectors, and various other parts.

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Looks like a nice car. Welcome aboard.
If you want to go down the path of true financial suffering and STi conversions I can show you the promised land
Welcome aboard! I always coveted the STi headlights when I had my bugeyes, but never got around to laying out the cash for them. I did have the grill. Great looking car!
I love how your chin bar mounts the lamps but does NOT block the front plate.

Where did you buy that?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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