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Bugeye JDM STI HID Install

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I bought a set of Bugeye JDM STI HID headlights while I was stationed in Japan. My Dad and I attempted to install them last weekend with a TRS (The Retrofit Source) harness. The install was pretty straightforward. I repinned the 9007 connector from the harness, but I am unable to get the HID Low Beams to work. All the other lights work properly. I have the OEM ballasts and bulbs.
The last thing I can think of to try involves the wires going into the ballasts from the harness. The harness has black and red wires, while the ballast has orange and brown wires. Currently, I have the black connected to the orange and the red connected to the brown. Is this correct? I honestly have no idea which is the hot and which is the ground of the brown and orange wires going into the ballast. Also, I have no idea have to check those wires since they are "cold" and only accepting the power from the harness.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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You might need a multimeter to see which is ground and which is negative and see or maybe just switch the wires if your brave lol
I have a multimeter, but the power is going into the ballast, not out of the ballast. Therefore, I can't put a meter on the wires since there is no power coming out of them.
Did you also get the light pattern changed to LHD instead of the jdm RHD pattern? Figured I'd mention it since most people forget about that
I haven't done that yet. I'm focused on actually getting the lights working first.
How involved is it to change the pattern?
No clue but it was more of a pain to me than to just get my stockers retrofitted by a company. I'll take a look and see what I can find. What do you fly btw?

Here's what I found so far.
And here's the place I'm going to get my oem ones retrofitted if you want to take a look at their site. They can also do other stuff and probably could correct the beam pattern but idk.
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