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bugeye bad compression and timing off

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So I have an 02 wrx with 160k on her. Car was running great until i got p0037 which is bad downstream 02 sensor. Thing was rusted right in there so had to replace the 2nd cat to get new sensor. Then the front d02 sensor threw the cel p00s31. So i replaced that.

As soon as i replaced the upstream sensor, I cleared the codes and imediately had misfire cels on #2 and #4 cylinder. Every once in a while on 1 and 3 as well. I checked

Sent sea foam through the fuel and the intake manifold (spray kine).

I just did a compression test which i did cold because i bought a bad tester the first time.


#1---- 150 psi
#3---- 150
#2---- 10 !!!!!!
#4---- 30 !!!!!!

So i am pretty bummed at this point and it seems that timing is the only hope i have for it to not really be terminal.

I pulled everything off today to look at the line ups and the cams on the 2 and 4 cylinder side is off by one tooth. The tensioner appears to be bad (oil up near the pin). Is there any way that could be keeping the valves open and getting the terrible compression readings?

Im obviously not a mechanic. I have had this car for 11 years and i have loved the **** out of it. It does have a alot of rust under the car so im reluctant to throw a bunch of money at the old girl. It lived in the snow where it drove in salty roads all winter for 14 years. I shipped it out to HI about a year ago to finish it's days.

Any input? can i adjust the cams to line up without fully taking the timing belt off? Thanks so much for any info or advice you can share

The car runs ok. Has a rough idle... It's really sluggish on the take off. Does ok at speed.

Thank you for any advice!
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All the other tick marks line up? Crank and 1/3 cam? I would replace the belt and tensioners personally. If the belt actually jumped a tooth it could have damaged the belt.

I would also get a bore scope and take a look for damage to the cylinder and cylinder walls. The engines are interference engines but I don't know exactly how far timing would have to be off before it's game over.

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I wanted to see if could re time it to look for any improvement in compression. All of the other tick marks line up.

I think have a bore scope at work so can get into that tomorrow.

I'm leaving island for 2 weeks on saturday so can't leave it ripped apart in the garage. It looks like there is a minimum of a valve job though yeah?
I don't know, valves may be good and the timing is off. Either way I don't know how feasible it will be to skip the cam back in time without removing it

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One (1) tooth is within tolerance though unless I'm mistaken?!
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