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BRZ/FRS rear strut bar on WRX?

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Does anyone know if a rear strut bar for a BRZ/FRS will fit a 2015+ WRX? Specifically, one like this?


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Probably not. They are typically designed per application so they fit around everything.

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Subispeed has a rear strut bar that says 2015+ WRX/2013+ BRZ for the fitment, so I was curious if that was a typo or if the bars would interchange at all
Maybe I'm wrong. The only other suggestion I have is to not buy from subispeed. There have been several members as well as others in the community have credit cards compromised through them.

Is there a particular reason you are looking at these? There are options out there that give more tangible improvement is handling.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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