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Broken plastic radiator hose connector (Help me fix my daily!)

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Ok guys so I have some bad news. I was installing ancillary hoses on my car today to replace the old weathered and somewhat leaky hoses I previously had and everything went flawlessly. I filled the coolant back up and all was well until I went to but my factory air box intake snorkel back on. I somewhat bumped the hose that comes from the top left of the radiator to the coolant reservoir. Unlucky for me the little plastic piece the hose mounts to had to have been EXTREMELY brittle because I barely even touched the hose and even if I yanked on it it shouldn't have broken, right?

I have included a couple pictures (sorry the hose pic is out of focus but you get the gist) just in case you aren't aware of what piece 'im talking about

I am just wondering is there any easy fix to this, is whole black plastic top end of the radiator somehow replaceable or am I stuck with buying another radiator? Really hoping for you guys to help me out with any possible solution as this car is my daily so I am currently without a car need it back up and running for work and school ASAP.

Thanks in advance, Reid.

IMG_0521 by Reid Turner, on Flickr

IMG_0525 by Reid Turner, on Flickr
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blue hose? Never saw that before. If there is a little bit of stub still left on the radiator, pull the plastic piece out of the hose and just re-clamp on. I'd keep a constant eye on the temp gauge and watch for leaks as such a fix is very temporary. Then, you will likely need a new radiator. These can be recycled and have the top piece replaced but you will pay nearly what a new aftermarket one costs, just to have that one fixed.
You could try to epoxy it, however I believe the entire radiator would need replaced.

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