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So after my motor started knocking I kicked my wrx to the curb for a year and bought a brz as a daily.

I found a reputable shop, am making good money and I’m ready to drop an ej205 in it but I need some advice.
The motors I’m looking at come bolted on with a 5 speed transmission for $1700 and without the tranny for around 1200-1500

My car has 155k miles... since the transmission has to be dropped anyway should I just replace it with a fresher one and a new clutch while I’m at it?
I'd be really worried the gearbox you're putting in doesn't match the rest of your driveline for male/female axle connections up front and final drive to the rear. In addition I'd not replace a major component I don't need.

Do the clutch, keep your gearbox.
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