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Hey all, sooo I was driving to Toronto from Ottawa and about halfway through I stopped for food and gas... After I gassed up my car wouldn’t turn over... it was getting SO close and just not going all the way.. I tried about 3 times and then took a long deep breath and gave it some gas while turning the key and it started....... but it was shaking like crazy and the check engine light + traction control lights were blinking... i just stared in disbelief and after about 10 seconds as i was just about to turn it off and call CAA - it went completely back to normal and the lights all went away.

I proceeded to drive the 110 kms i had left in my trip and the car felt fine.. Also fine again today..

Should I take it in to my mechanic? Im wondering if i could have possibly flooded the engine if i barely tapped the gas by accident when i first started it...

I drive a 2008 Impreza stick shift.
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