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For a 2002 (new age) WRX with ABS and a dual chamber master cylinder that is fitted ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE CAR, where "left" and "right" are with respect to a person sitting in the car,

1. Start with the wheels connected to the 2' chamber. This could be a clue that helps you if you cannot find any instructions at all for a right hand drive classic chassis.
2. Front right, rear left.
3. Front left, rear right.

The air bleeder torque is 8 Nm.

If, and only if, your front right and rear left are connected to the 2' chamber I would consider these instructions in lieu of specific info for a right hand drive pre-new-age car.

You might look into a UK forum for better info though; we only got the WRX as a 2002 chassis and only in left hand drive, which switches the pedal location and so also where the master cylinder is.
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