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Brake bleeding problem - 2015 wrx

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Hi all,

So I was doing my 30k maintenance today and started bleeding my brakes one at a time using a pressurized system. I was keeping a close eye on the reservoir levels but on the last brake I noticed that the level in the reservoir was not decreasing as the fluid was being bled (only a few bubbles came through but mostly clear brake fluid. I thought nothing of it until I heard sputtering and realized that the line was pushing out nothing but air! The level in the reservoir did not dip below MIN during this time so I am perplexed. I filled it back up to MAX and bled again to push clear fluid back again and all was good.

I am concerned about the brake master cylinder, even though the reservoir did not go dry is there any chance that air got in the cylinder? Why would a brake line push all that air through without emptying the reservoir? Any ideas on what to do? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
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If you pulled in air you may need to bleed the abs module

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Thanks for your replay, XJman. That's what I was per the service manual, I did check the pedal distance which measured 2.5-3" (hard to estimate the force from my foot but it wasn't higher than the max of 4.33").

To bleed the ABS module, is there a way to do this without operating the hydraulic control unit via a subaru select monitor using the data link connector? Otherwise I suppose I could bring it in the shop but it's nice to learn how to do these!
That I can't tell you.

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