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mk3 is loud as all hell, especially when it's catless. :eek: Deep rumble, definately NOT raspy or tinny sounding. All the bpm turbobacks sound great. The mk3 is designed for maximum output in performance and is VERY brutal sounding (in a good way). :) It's also a full 3" from turbo to muffler and uses the twin dump separated wastegate tube on the dp. The turboxs is 4" bell mouth dp->3"->2.5" at end of midpipe. There has been A LOT of debate over which dp design is best and if the 2.5" taper is performance hindering. I dunno if the taper really matters since the wrx probably won't produce enough power for it to matter. Nathan and Phil both use the turboxs turboback and they're putting out a lot of power. But then again, vishnu decided to go with a twin dump dp with full 3" piping. MRT recently changed their design from a bell mouth to a separated tube style. Bosal dp is a separated twin dump but is 2.5". Unless someone does a turboback comparison on a dyno with same test conditions, we'll never really know which turboback is the best.

Either way you go, you can't lose.

Hope this helps some.


BTW, I just saw that some dude is selling his catless mk3 turboback in the private classifieds on both i-club and clubwrx at a good price.
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