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Borla Catless Exhuast Problem PLEASE Give opinions or facts

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Hello i was wondering if you guys can give me a basis on whats wrong with my car.. I have a Subaru wrx 15, i have a FULL turbo back Borla Exhaust (CATLESS), Ets cold air intake, TurboXs blow off valve and also i have a Cobb Accessport Tune with a boost controller. Now what the problem is that my car is still running rich. I'm got the tune for the purpose of making it so the car isn't running rich cause of the borla Catless downpipe that i have on. now I'm getting told that two of my buddies see blue smoke coming out of my exhaust and they smell the oil but i personally cant tell. I'm trying to figure out whats wrong with my car, or if i need something to get to get this fixed, i payed 1550$ to get this problem fixed and its still giving me problems.. i would appreciate all of yalls opinions please..
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Unless you have a custom tune the off the shelf tunes from cobb do not support any of those modifications

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What do i need to do to fix this problem?
I was told by the tuning place i only needed a tune because of the catless downpipe
What do i need to do to fix this problem?
A pro-tune, asap.
You tune the car with the equipment on it, any change to that equipment requires a retune.

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i got it tuned with everything thatgs on it now. i didnt do any other mods to it after i got it tuned..
Ok, so why do you think it's running rich?

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i have no clue idk why.. thats why i came on here.
No, I mean what leads you to believe the car is running rich? Do you have a wide band O2 sensor? What is your afr? Have you logged anything and asked your tuner?

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I have no o2 sensor on it cause its catless. i never called them. and afr i have no clue either i thought the tuning place would do all of that,
So you have no idea if it is running rich you just think it is? Your front o2 on your car should give you an afr as I believe the fa20 engine is actually equipped with a wide band there from the factory.

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You have an AP, do some logging/monitoring and see where your AFR is.
Ask your tuner to check if everything is ok.
Blue smoke is more an indicator that you are burning oil, not running rich
your car has no cat, its going to stink and smell like shyt
You spent money for a quality tune, Take your car to the tuner for these questions. We can offer guidance, but you PAID THEM.
Did you take your car to a place that did a tune specific to your car? You have given conflicting answers. I know you have a "tune" but was it done professionally or was it downloaded.
Wow this is painful....

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