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Hey guys,

Need help in understanding what's going on here. Here are the stats:

'03 WRX Sport Wagon
3" Catless B&B Turbo Back Exhaust
Perrin Up Pipe
K&N Air Filter
Stage 2 map (OpenECU)

With the above mods car ran fine for 8 months or so. Then about six weeks ago started "surging" or "pulsing" as seen in these videos (note RPM in background):

VIDEO0011.3gp - YouTube
VIDEO0012.3gp - YouTube
VIDEO0010.3gp - YouTube

What you're seeing there is only at about 1/3 throttle. If I were to go WOT I'm positive it would overboost. In fact, it's pushed into Limp mode once, which we reset by removing neg battery cable.

What would cause this type of pulsing/potential overboost?

Thanks in advance!
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