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hey! so this is my second time posting, i have a few questions. i have a 2009 wrx with high miles, 134,000 to be exact, i got it a month ago, and ive been smelling a rich smelling gas, like especially when i start it, when WOT its smells like its burning, i also have this ewg sound when in boost, but i dont have one, it sounds like rattling almost, plus my turbo blew and a mechanic fixed and i dont know how well he installed the new one, i have a vf52, i also am not hitting the boost i should be at stage 2, im only hitting around 9.3 pounds, also how would i make sure i have an after market downpipe? because the dude i bought it from said he put “pipes” on it i know it has exhaust but it sounds like it has a catless downpipe, please let me know, heres a couple photos


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