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First of all, the kit looks great but it doesn't fit all that well. There are two pipes that bolt down with a bracket welded on them; only one was close. Second, the pipe running down through the hole where the CAI's go didn't fit. I had to break out the tin snips and cutoff wheel. I am not happy about that. Third, I had to grind the foglight area of the bumper so far forward that I had to remove a bit of the ledge that holds the covers on. They still fit fine, but....
Also, the hose beads on the pipes suck, just ask Al. I anticipated by having someone tig weld better beads on. That cost $240 including an HKS BOV.
The kit is running on stock ECU and stock turbo for the moment (see my sig for upcoming things) but I must say the spool is a bit slower but no big deal. The BOV is very loud. :) It's a bit too much of an attention getter in some situations. It's great to 'vent' on jerks that cut you off, though. :p
It does seem to pull a little harder, but I don't trust my rear as a dyno. I have the FMIC core pushed all the way back against the frame member behine it so I know it's not poor fitting job. I've put a few FMIC's on before, so I know how it goes. My bumper is barely on there with the pipes pushing the bottom of the bumper out a bit. I will pull the two offending pipes off soon and ding them with a hammer to put a small flat spot where they are hitting the bumper to ease the pressure. I'm sure there's plenty of volume anyways.
Also, a few of the pipes had some mismatched welds so that an edge of the pipe showed on the inside; behaving like the little throttle body steps. I removed those.
All in all, it can be cheaper to get the Blitz, but it depends on how picky you are. I am very. If you aren't trying to develop a monster turbo and run way over 20 psi, then you can get away without the hose beads, I suppose. T-bolt clamps would probably work just as well ($100 for a set) and look pretty sweet.
Also, don't run an atmo BOV on the stock ECU, it does indeed degrade performance noticeably.
Did I mention the BOV is loud? :)
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