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okie..i did everything that all these people have provided. thanks especially goes to Kurleedaddy, due to his vast knowledge of this thing. however...i choose not to cut the green/black wire in the Keyless Entree Module, becuase i will be installing a Remote Start sooner or depending on the install instructions...i might have to save this the wire. i also just grounded my Purple wire instead of grounding it beneath the parking break to the pink wire..becuase its goign to be a pita to remove my momo shift knob cuz i put it on there so tight. ( but i if i feel like it ill get around to doing that). I also put my TT control "gray" box in between the metal shaped "U" thing that conects to the "knee metalic shield" beneath the stearing colum. so far everything works, except i expreciend a minor glitch when reversing out of my driveway and my MPH needle jumped to 30 mph and went back to 0. I didnt go 30 mph, i didnt even reach 1 mph. i have no clue what that was..but it hasnt happened again thank God. the install was painless, only due to the fact that i removed the "knee metalic shield" that was hindering my hands to get to the ignition harness. now i feel like i can do this thing in 10 mins...instead of the hour it took me for the first time. :) The display is nice, bold and green, to match the rest of the green of the guage lights. i especially like the part where it counts down, and every second it turns red, ricey yet i like it. :p i mounted my TT beside my cup holder, and the double sided sticky tape it came with works very well..but only to plastic to plastic. All the materials were provided " In Box" thats a plus, and the harness was a peice of cake to install (NO SPLICING OF ANYKIND, unless the remote/security thing mentioned above) Thanks also Goes to GODSPEED, 115 bucks well spent. 2 days after the payment was recieved. thats cool :) and awsome service. recommend HIGHLY to anyone.

p.s - sorry for the long review...i just had alot to say. i dont really excpect everyone to read all of it :D

p.s.s - If anybody has any questions, SEARCH FIRST!...then ask, all my questions were answered through the searches

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