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This is probably not going to be of any use to most of you, but I thought I'd share my experience in case anyone else thought about this.

Recently I had a Vishnu 3" TBE installed on my '04 STi. No biggie there. Additionally, I had a ~3/16th" restrictor w/ bleeder for the wastegate / boost control line sitting around from my old Vishnu Stage 0 I had on my 02 WRX. So I threw it on for the hell of it. Fairly significant boost gains, but I hit fuel cut easily.

Long story short, I put the stock restrictor back in. Too much boost for stock ECU. Might be cool w/ a reflash for it, but not on stock ECU.

Oh, I also live in Colorado so altitude may have played a factor in this as well.

Just an FYI!:wiggles:
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