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Black Friday, what did YOU buy? (Car Parts Only)

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So many good black friday specials in the auto world this year. It seemed the "normal" places all slacked off on their sales (retail outlets), but as far as performance vendors it seemed like there was a war like no other. I came out with a Cobb Flex Fuel Kit + Free Install + 50% off a tune + an injector install @ 15% off, and couldnt be more excited to get the STi on the rollers.

What did you guys come out with!?
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Koni struts. Rce yellow springs. Boomba short throw. Perrin bushing. White line sway bars and end links. And I re-purchased a corsa catback exhaust( first one I bought was burglarized from my home). Also bought some really cute green and yellow pumps. And some vacuum seal bags. I spent a lot of $$ today :/ I mean A LOT

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Can't wait until I'm punching that clutch in with my new pumps, throwing the short throw into 3rd and zooming around corners with grace. Vape smoke pouring out the windows...

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Mine was more pre-Black Friday sale. Bought Invidia Q300 exhaust. It came in yesterday morning and had it installed that afternoon. Sweet exhaust!!! Now the bad news....the clutch blew on it today as I was heading to the Tail of the Dragon. Good news is that it's still under warranty.

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Make me feel bad...I don't actually smoke... or vape.... :/ but really excited for my car :)

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ID1050X for flex fuel come spring
I purchased a replacement OEM Subaru fog light for my ride this last black friday. The fog was a perfect match and I saved about $46 bucks in the process. Here's the fog light I purchased .This site is the first place I go for genuine OEM Subaru parts.
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