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Big Brake Kit upgrade recommendation?

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Hi all,

Looking for a set of big brake kit upgrade for my '16 WRX Ecu tuned stage 1. Car is making decent powers except the factory brake just sucks. Came upon this when browsing, looks decent with fair price. What are the recommendations? Anyone?
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You'll have way better results putting on a good sport pad and and quality rotor then swapping in stainless steel brake lines. Most bbk are really poor until hot and they don't get to the proper temps driving normally, spiritedly, or even mildly hard. You've nearly got to be at race conditions or doing fast heavy brake downhill bombs.

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Big Brake Kit's are designed primarily for track use or showoff. Personally, Some better brake fluid, performance pads and stainless steel lines and that will be more than effective to get you stopped quick in even light duty track scenarios. Don't waste your money on big brake kits. That money could be much better spent elsewhere.

FWIW, I've never heard of Prodigy Werks....

Also keep in mind that with a big brake kit will come the need to buy a new set of wheels that fit over top of said big brake kit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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