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Beware of Nippon Power (

That place out of Florida is giving me a headache and a half. I had recently called and inquire about an exhaust system by Turbo XS. They said they did not have it in stock. I told them I was interested and asked them if they could hold it for me once they got one.

They agreed and asked for my credit card information in order to hold it. They reassured me they WOULD NOT ship out the order unless I confirmed and that they would call me as soon as they got it in stock: as I had to give them a delivery address and I was still uncertain if I would go w/the whole system and/or w/the downpipe.

Well, I got to my house (this happened about 10 days ago) and I found the system in my doorstep. I was *&^#pissed. Not only did they not call me to confirm they had gotten it but proceeded to ship it to my address.

These is them:

I think I would have only bought the cat-back after giving it some thought but I returned the whole thing anyway and refused shipment.

Now they want to charge me shipping and handling for a product I DID NOT order. When I called them about it, the manager said that basically they would not refund that portion......he also called me a liar....yeah, right!:eek:

Don't ever order anything from those clowns!:mad:
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