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I'd go with STi. In many cases you pay a big premium, but bushings are relatively cheap.


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Forge also makes suspension bushings. I will be getting some fairly soon. They are fairly cheap. I think all of the bushings they sell will cost you around 150-200. Not bad.

If you want to wait I will let you know how they feel.

Here is what I have and will have.
DMS 40's (recently rebuilt)
cusco f/r strut bars
whiteline f/r anti-roll bars
cusco lower front tie bar

will have
aluminum front control arms
all forge bushings (except for the front control arms)

Achtuning is a forge dealer and you could order the bushings through them if you want. ;)

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I decided to opt for STi, mainly due to them being rubber (albeit hardened). I'm a little leary of poly (maybe they have made some strides in technology I'm not aware of) because of noise issues. Once these bushings are pressed in, I guarantee your not going to want to disassemble your suspension, press them out, lube them, press them back in, reassemble your suspension. They may deflect less than hardened rubber (althought the STi bushings are pretty firm), but I want to install these once.

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