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i hear everything you guys are saying loud n clear. i have seen vids of the Mfactory gears in action, very nice acceleration and what not.

to njbugeyedwrx, spend your money as you wish but spend it wisely. truthfully, dont get a massively expensive tranny if you are not going to use it to the full extent and power its made for.

i myself would opt for the Mfactory gears, they have been in testing for quite some time, on cars that ARE NOT daily driven but actual race/track use cars where the abuse is a daily occurance(and the tq numbers are above 380wtq). and they can fit into a working man's budget (with enough OT and decent credit for a loan lol).

not to mention, they have yet to fail.

like i said if you're looking to build an all out monster, STi or PPG FTW. if not, get MFactory.

just my $.02.

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Hi..There are a multitude of reasons, and a multitude of fantasies to (say) for 6 instead of 5. The WRX was designed and created with a degree of safety margin.
There's always going to e the narcissist who wants to be noticed, by others or him/herself..thus such as 'burbling exhausts'. Used and oiled sensibly the 5
speed box is not going to give outrageous problems. The cars will have done perhaps a million miles in testing. Subaru is pretty unlikely (not!!) going to offer
the market a car which is going to pack-it-in. The problems yes, may lie with inadequate testing but is it not more likely the problem lies with the owner (service)
and driver ( handling)? The problems seems to me to be a crescendo of eroticism...driving the car beyond intentions...'hotting it up' using 'tuners' ready to take
your $1000's...the 'mine's bigger than yours' syndrome. Yackity-yack about gear and final drive ratios and the rest which is just parroting...Most will not have a
clue of the actual difference on the road...even if racing off now to find some forum on it. Once upon a time one bought say a Pontiac with a 'plains diff' or a
'mountains diff' which was logical. Just quoting numbers and plagiarising other peoples' ideas today is pointless. I've been there already.. If you want your
WRX/STI to be really special as opposed to teasing your fantasies.. stick to buying and fitting the best tyres available, keeping brakes, exhaust, cooling and
oils up to scratch and learning to drive your car rather than abuse it. Remember the hare and the tortoise? By the way most exhaust places don't know the
real difference between headers and most sell headers, always buy equal length exhaust pipes for your after market modified standard car.
To buy unequal length 'headers' on 'exhaust note' is truly an exhibition of sensuality over savvy and science.

I'd love to have a 6 speed system in my car to at least try it out but...$3-4000 plus labour?...come on!!...If you have the money, do as you please but what are
you ACTUALLY going to gain?...narcissism polishing?...How often will that 6 speed ACTUALLY make a difference over your 5 speed? How much of your
prefrontal cortex is conditioned to erotic "I WANT" which has become "I need"??.. All the prattle about repair costs vs going 6 speed may be true but....why
kill your 5 speed? an excuse to go 6?...Subaru detuned their car to make it reliable, tax lowered, fast transport...You want to turn it into a bitumen blisterer
r….why?...what's wrong with you?...driving over 110kM/Hr in NSW you are likely to be booked, not be insured, even kill yourself or the car (most seem to have
n/s collisions when written-off) or rear enders...when those BEMBRO brakes almost stand the car on its nose when stopping...far faster than those behind you.

\I'm proposing you think more like "I own one of the fastest point to point cars on the road. it's a legend. My WRX will never be an STI cheaper than I can buy one
and 96% of my driving will not even use the power and speed possibility I have. The closer my car is to standard the more attractive it is to sensible sensible
prices and I haven't accelerated its wear by 'hotting it up'. The money is better spent on suspension maintenance, fresh tyres and the real world. Of course if that doesn't make a dent...well I acknowledge that. If you see wisdom in what I am saying but it hurts...well, such decisions to forgo hurt me too, but then it's only for a while...enjoy your factory baby.

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What just happened in a 12 year old thread?

24 Posts've heard of Rip Van Winkle?...Ok...that's good. It's not a 12 year old's a 2 day old thread, What is called 'reflecting'...My regards

20,568 Posts've heard of Rip Van Winkle?...Ok...that's good. It's not a 12 year old's a 2 day old thread, What is called 'reflecting'...My regards
It was 2 days old on Sept. 17, 2008 until you posted ...

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It was 2 days old on Sept. 17, 2008 until you posted ...
You have me Zac....I cannot deny it...however I wanted to approach it from another angle and I think it's a good angle to
re-awake issues andsee what's transpired over the years.

Subaru's position is precarious and I think in part owing to listening too much but not listening enough. Colin McCrae 'made'
the car in a particular era when (like my Cosworth) styles varied noticeably and cars didn't take on (apart from Edsel perhaps
and one Olds) 'intergalactic' phenotype. It's fraught with difficulty trying to please everyone as every compromise finds a critic.

In a way Subaru's success has brought its hardship. In my view it is getting uglier but trying to stay 'out there' in a
power/torque/safety competition. Other cars (eg morris minor/mini minor, gt alfa's) have gone for ages with minor changes
and then ...gone...but much adored by enthusiasts of their 'package'. The 1300 Jnr Alfa was an automotive pearl in my view
but today the old folk like me are visiting their ancestors and the new generation is precocious and sucker-bait owing to its
egoism, low concentration span and adoration of ugliness ...lots of talk not much walk. We had that too but to a vastly
less degree and we were not led by the pre-frontal cortex moulded by TV, Japanese video games and a hunger for IT
success...admiring billionaires without looking at their 'type' and where came the cash.. We were more seekers of long-lasting
quality I think. Our bank managers personally called us into discuss accounts...with them. We gave up seats to ladies
as a matter of course, played backyard or laneway cricket...found mind and body developing adventure...joined the
scouts and guides.that anachronistic stuff which is today found only in small pockets. Yes the world has changed as
the NWO and its CIA have created black holes in uncertainty and depression which has resulted in a 'need' for enervation.

I think, also Subarus using of other designers for interiors and exterior work is "ok" but the Japanese don't actually need them.
They approach organisations which design for the opposition and set 'fashion' and 'car-world trending but then it enters the
car into a phenotype competition and cheque book journalism machination. My view is that in service and performance as
philosophy in practice should revert to the extremely good service for which Japanese companies were once outstanding
and that means clearing the Board and any other strong influence of Westerners. The car is then truly independent and
Japanese.and it will dictate quality and quality assurance rather than follow fashion.

The Subaru is so often flogged and rebuilt by boy racers (as opposed to racing teams) and 'look at me look at me' owners.
concerned with the 'burble' and ghetto-blasting stereo so high on their agenda...Their complaints whether justified or
otherwise presumably cost Subaru most of its profits...R and D alone would run into tens of millions annually. Recalls and
defects far more. The air-bag recall by several companies is an example of inadequate testing...or 'finger in the air'
engineering Vs bean-counting.. They would have tendered a spec then bought on promise and price.

I worked in mechanical design long ago and was exposed to some of those tugs of war...and 'not exceeding budget'..
when there was still performance-uncertainty. "we'll fix it next time around'...yah...sure.. but the real cost??.

My opinion is if we want a vehicle to start out well then in the vast global usage find the faults which may show up little in
the more limited environmentally and operational testing I think we are best served in worrying less about looks, holding
looks for a decade or more with say chassis influence being re-engineered more than appearance (phenotype) and
more about reliable performance. I may have said here or elsewhere...I'd prefer to buy, as a 2020 model, a GD model
for looks filled with 20 years of refinement mechanically with focus on reliability rather than buy anything of later looks
having to share funds with the mechanical focus...It's ok to offer lifetime warranty but is that confidence? or desperation?.

This is how I think...but ancestors are waiting....
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