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Also willing to consider shipping to locations within the U.S..

I'm looking to sell my BC BR coilovers from a 2010 STi hatch. These were purchased new for the car in 2012 from Import Image Racing. These were installed on my car which was not driven during a WNY winter or in the rain for that matter. As noted, the car was a 2010 and was recently traded with 15k miles on it. The coils were installed for about 10k of those 15k miles.

These were adult driven, no track time.. Just a middle age dude wishing he could have been a rally driver.

Paid $1100 back when new. Asking $550 now for a well cared for set of coils.

Sadly, the STi was traded for a more family friendly vehicle a few weeks ago. I'm trying hard not to think about what I did. It's too soon.

Contact me with any questions or if you wish to see any other photos. Don't let these coils sit in my shop wishing they were out driving!

IMG_20200628_183733.jpg IMG_20200628_183755.jpg IMG_20200628_183800.jpg IMG_20200628_183805.jpg IMG_20200628_183812.jpg IMG_20200628_183816.jpg IMG_20200628_183829.jpg IMG_20200628_183837.jpg IMG_20200628_183848.jpg IMG_20200628_183856.jpg
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