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I thought it might be helpful to have a sticky (if the Mods think so, too) about the basics for track preparation. It may be a bit more difficult to accumulate the knowledge as I don't think that SOA ships a track supplement with the owner's manual. That being stated, there should be enough folks that have tracked or autox-ed their WRX / STI to give some good pointers to newbies about to blow a hole in their bank account. I think that a post each for WRXs and STIs might be in order.

Please feel free to edit with better information.

Helmet - Snell SA 2015 (2010 may work in some places) closed or open face.
* Different tracks have different requirements
Closed toe shoes
No boots
Long sleeve, natural fiber shirt
Long pants, natural fiber
**** Tracks may have local rules on the dress. These are from the NASA rules sheet.

Car Prep

Change the oil (does Subaru have a different oil requirement for track?? -- GM requires a 5-40 DEXOS II oil)
Brake fluid - 600 RBF high temp DOT 4 fluid
Bleed the brakes after each event
Tire pressure -- monitor closely -- I always start with mine 2-3 PSI below recommended knowing that the track will heat them up
Lug nut torque -- mine require to be torqued to 140 pound feet before the event. ONLY do this when tires / wheels are COLD
Tech inspection (self inspection or ASE qualified signed sheet -- get it done)

Blue tape around areas where you are likely to pick up track junk.
* I use a product called "Road Warrior" and it helps with the tar and rubber marks

Tracking a car can become very addicting. However, it is safer to blow down the Sink Hole, drop to second, settle the car and pull up through third and fourth through Turtle Crossing or catch 16 just right and drift out a bit close to the wall and wail up through third, fourth and fifth touching 145MPH, brake hard, scrub off 70MPH of speed and tuck in for 1.

Please feel free to make additions, changes or corrections.
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