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02 WRX, Accessport, Stage II OTS 91 map, stock ej205, invidia catless UP and DP and Blitz CBE, stock airbox with FRAM drop in.

As I've never owned a turbo car before I want to know if what I'm experiencing is normal or if I have possible stock BPV failure. I noticed as of lately most especially, when I let off and shift it seems like my car revs up 500+ RPM. It happens when I'm driving under moderate load to WOT it seems like. I have a feeling my stock BPV is going out or close to it. I've also noticed I cant pick up any audible sounds of boost ventilation when letting off the gas, shifting, etc. I know the stock is built to be rather quiet but I know I should still hear just something and I dont.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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