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Hey guys.
ive been driving my car with a 50 trim te/t04e kit now with .63 AF
...lag is kinda an issue
i was thinking about going with a 2.5 axis stage 2 motor and possible putting on my current turbo kit...
my mods now are
PE650cc injectors
greddy evo2 exhaust
t3/t04e 50 trim turbo
custom front mount
walbro fuel pump
ecutek (tuned at GRD)
i was wanting 350 + awhp and much more torque....
my goal is to better my low end....fully spooled by 3500 rpms would be very nice...but still want some of that top headers will be on my list
ive been watching best motoring videos...and damn...those cars are crazy....which has inspired me to achieve a faster and more responsive and race car feeling car

Do you guys think the current turbo i have will be fine?
most people feel these turbos are outdated but they seem like good turbos.....trying to stay on a budget....we'll see
or should i look into the twin scroll setup with an upgraded wheel.....ive read abotu FP greens....and they are making nice power and seem to be very popular lately....but they dont spool fully till 4k rpms?...
correct me if im wrong....
and possibly an 18g woudlnt be bad....spool up...i would imagine in the low 3k's or better....but how would top end be?
Has anyone done a similar setup?....50 trim with the ej25?
if so...what kind of power were u making and how was the spool up? just looking for ideas and input on waht i can do to
achieve a race car feel.....a punchy car that can shoot out of turns....hope u guys understand what i mean...
i know i will need a new tranny or gears...and suspension mods are in the far i got v7 spec ra struts and possibly looking fro spec c struts..sti alumimun front arms..
strut bars front and back....
im getting ready to order cusco front chassis brace and adjustable sway bars..
i got that area pretty much handled....jsut need to focus on the motor....any ideas or opinions are welcome....
jsut trying to see whats out there and my options for achieving race car like engine performance or however close i can get.
i know what i want is gonna cost lots of money to do it the right way as race teams really have no budget :)
as for still a student....the block i believe will be about 3k
installed and def need a retune....just trying to get a nice all around car with great overall performance and handling....
it is my daily driver....
well let me know what you guys think....thanks

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i think its gonna turn out great which ever way you go. i do understand your needs in turbo response. on the 2.5 i would think your turbo would spool up much faster. but i dont know too much about it. FP's are pretty big as well, but i imagine at the least you would have full boost at 4k or close to it. an 18g would def. spool a bit quicker and have a bit less up top. but the change i think would not be all that dramatic. i would just go balls out with a 25g or the like. if budget is an issue i would stick with your turbo, what kind of power and spool time are you getting now?

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With a 2.5 block the 18g might honestly be too small for BIG power. I would look at :

fp green
garrett gt 3037
aps sr50
xs 500

these will be your best bets for gobs of power. All should make 400awhp on pump w/ a good tune. Your gears however will now be your weakest link...good luck.

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Definitely go with either a Garrett GT series or something from FP. Heck, give FP a call and see if they can custom fit a solution for ya! Also give a good look to the XS 500 / AVO450 and the AVO500.

You made a comment about the green not spooling to 4k+. Those numbers are on a 2.0 block! With a built 2.5 block you can get it to spool faster from the size of the block and the ability to run more timing which makes boost onset earlier.

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With my set up getting around 302 awhp and 280 awtq.....but full boost is at around 4400 rpm...
which is a bit laggy....
this is also running 19 psi and 91 octane fuel.....

but today i ran into a problem.....somehow my manual boost controller didnt hold boost and my boost shot up.....
maybe 25-30i for a split second..whatever .15 kpa is...

i guess i need a new boost thinking greddy e-01 car shut off after that and i restarted and it had a really rough idle....and wouldnt not boost....
my boost gauge would not work....and there was no pressure...

when i idle back home i notice that one of the hoses were disconnected as i heard a hissing noise.....
its where the hose from the bov connects to a "T" connector and also connects the boost gauge hose.......but one hose is missing and completely off......and right around that area is where the hissing is from....which also answers why my boost guage wasnt working......i looked for awhile for the hsoe but could not find it...
as of now i will get back to it hoping there is nothing else wrong with it....and hopefully i can get it all fixed well as getting a new boost controller

anyways about the 2.5 block....i was thinking now....i do not have enough money for the tranny.....
so maybe i was thinking i shoudl try to get the most out of my 2.0??.....maybe the twin scroll set up the spec C has.....or maybe 18g....on it will yield better results....

godspeed made around 330 whp on the 18g i think around 3500 rpms max boost.....

but the 2.5 idea sounds so nice....maybe jsut get it and run low boost till i can find a new tranny.....

FP green seems nice....when is everyone making full boost with that turbo on the 2.5?...on pump gas?

thanks for the info....keep it coming

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u can pick up the twin scroll setup and sell the vf37, buy an 1825 and make good power w/ very little lag, that will probably be the best way to make power and get good response. and if u really want good response, look into some v7/v8 avcs heads

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the 1825 seems a bit expensive....i was read somewhere on the forum that people were using the vf37 and upgrading the wheel, making pretty much an 1825...but a lot cheaper...

Im def looking into this setup....twin scroll with more boost and top 1825 or uprgraded wheel....the thing is i dunno how much this willl cost me so anyone that knows where i can get deals on the twin scroll set up parts..let me know

i know that i will need to do the following:
-new turbo (vf37 w/ upgraded wheel or 1835)
-new oilpan
let me know if im missing anything
im hoping i can get most of these parts custom....such as uppipe and downpipe.....stock oil pan from a spec c should be fine....
and header...ive seen a few vendors have them....

ill look around some more for parts....but let me know if anyone knows of deals around here.....

im hoping to get maybe 330+ whp if possible....we will see
i think this is the route i may be well as doing some suspension mods....
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