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I pulled the engine out of my 04 WRX - 190K miles - to do a valve lash job. Got in a rush and messed up the timing, as well as found 2 valves with next to no clearance. Pulled the heads and got new valves, exhaust guides, springs. Machinist said it was dead flat and didn't need decking. Cleaned the cylinder block and put it back together and it sounds like this. Have to wear hearing protection as it is crazy loud.

New Subaru head bolts, torqued per FSM. I took the opportunity to swap a gutted up-pipe in while it was out. All new exhaust gaskets except turbo-downpipe which is reasonably new. Sprayed exhaust down with soapy water and saw nothing. I had to drill out some of the heat shield fasteners in the exhaust header, but I would think that would blow bubbles if it was a problem. Seems to idle smooth, starts easy and doesn't have any codes. Sound seems loudest under passenger side head.

Any suggestions?

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