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US 2008 Impreza base model
So I blew my 12V dash fuse using a tire pump, no biggie and replaced a fuse, block on driver-side dash.

I noticed that slot 7 was missing a fuse, so I Google for the fuse map since I don't have the manual and it lists it as "Combination meter, Integrated unit 15A"; sounds important so I put one in.

Next I notice my AWD MIL is lit, so I Googled that and learned of this FWD fuse bullshit, which was intended for the vehicle to be serviced or towed. No biggie, pull the fuse and fix my problem. Or so I thought, now with the fuse pulled I get no high-beam, tail lamps, no security indicator, no power door locks, seat belt buckled not recognized, unable to shift from park,etc.. It is utterly dependent on the fuse being in place.

Checked all the other fuses, nothing else blown, including the additional panel under the hood. Pulled the battery and let it sit for an hour to try and reset the ECM. Still no-go.

I'm beyond to being open to suggestions. I need my AWD back!
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